Autumn Styling


Accessories to impress

Spring/Summer is the time to wear colours that lift your mood and give you a fab summer look.  This scarf is perfect for all occasions.  

You Are Beautiful

Beautiful little makeup bag and a message to remind yourself that you are beautiful.  It's so important to be beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside.  

A Gift to say 'Hello, I miss you'

Looking for the perfect gift to send to a friend you haven't seen in a while?  This is it.  Simple, pretty and at a great price.  

Each time I wear my necklace from The Brown Bag, people stop me and ask where I got it.

I love the scarves.  They are so nice and a great price too.  

The Brown Bag is perfect for gifts.  I buy lots of little bits of jewellery for my family and friends.